Wholesale Orchids

We supply spike initiated to mature bud certified orchid plants to other orchid farms, wholesalers, garden centers, retail florists and orchid societies. Most customers find our 4” pot material easily fills a 6” pot upon transplanting and with our long growing season of year round 60-80 degree weather, it is often more economical to bring in pre-finished product from us, rather than starting your own from young plants.

Plants are packed in cases of 24 or 36 plants and shipped primarily via FedEx. FedExAir Can service is available for orders of 300 plants or more going to Los Angeles or Oakland for only .40/pound.

We also produce our own value added, decorative 'eco-pot' that is made out of 80% rice hulls and 20% polymers and natural dyes. These are bio-degradable and recyclable with a shelf life of 3-5 years. This is an exclusive Kalapana Tropicals Designed pot and cannot be purchased anywhere else. Durable, yet light enough to ship...125g per pot.

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