Sarcochilus Hybrids – 6 asst -Blooming size


Sarcostylis Hybrids -3″- 4″ pots- Blooming size/Near Booming size.  Grower’s choice. We obtained these wonderful hybrids from Barrita Orchids in Australia in flask. For the first time are are offering these up for sale. We have selected 6 of the strongest growing hybrids for this 6 pack offering. Great way to start your new collection from one of the premier hybridizers of this fun genus.

Includes 1 of each hybrids

Sarco. Ella ‘Pat’ x Sweetheart ‘Speckles’

Sarco. Kulnura ‘Roundup’ x Kulnura Absolute ‘Dot’

Sarco. Kulnura ‘Dazzle’ x Kulnura Lady ‘Red Star’

Sarco. Kulnura High ‘Hippy’ x Parma ‘Lemon Cent’

Sarco. Emma ‘5’ x Kulnura Kaleidescope ‘Chesell’

Sarco. Kulnura Need’ Open Orange’ x Kulnura Kaleidescope ‘Full Arch’

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