Brassavola nodosa


The Lady of the Night Orchid, or Brassavola nodosa, is a fragrant white to pale green orchid native to Central and Southern America, as well as the Caribbean coast and islands. It grows on trees or exposed rocks in lowland tropical forests or mangrove swamps. The plant produces long, slender sepals and petals, a heart-shaped lip, and a wonderful fragrance in the evening.

Brassavola nodosa is an easy orchid to grow as a houseplant, requiring good light, intermediate temperatures, and regular watering. It can also be mounted on slabs of cork or tree-fern fiber if high humidity is provided. The plant produces a single fleshy, almost cylindrical leaf with a groove on the upper surface from each growth, and a single flower spike with 1-6 flowers arises from each leaf axil. Flowers can last several weeks and the plant often blooms more than once a year.



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