The loss to our community is staggering…600 homes and counting, many farms including 1/2 of the island’s orchid industry and a beloved coastline filled with a bounty of coral, fish and turtles. The difference with this type of disaster is that there is NOTHING to go back to. Land and sea have been converted into hard molten black lava. No roads, infrastructure or even landscape remain. Communities become disbanded…neighborhoods will never be rebuilt. The magnitude of this eruption that is still ongoing has forever changed the idyllic lifestyle that the Lower Puna District offered to so many.

Should you be inspired to make a donation I ask that you support this local group, Pu’uhonua O’Puna that has been the lifeline to our community…completely separate from any government. This is REAL COMMUNITY – local people helping local people.

Mahalo for all your support and Kokua!