Celebrating 32 years of Commercial Orchid Production

Kalapana Tropicals Inc. is a certified Hawaiian orchid nursery located on the Big Island of Hawaii since 1987. We are orchid horticulturists who specialize in growing a huge array of orchid genus and varieties for export as live, blooming orchid plants.

Rouge Picardie

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Featured Orchids of the Month

Mps. Lillian Nakamoto with Green Ecopot (Retail Orders)

Beautiful White with dark purple center.  Good size plant.  Will include db/multi spiked plants for an additional $2. Green Ecopot included- Retail Orders


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Mps. Boulivot with a (Green Eco-Pot – Retail Only)

Mps. Boulivot – Green Eco-Pot – Retail Only)  a nice dark pink with a burgundy center. Even the foliage on this plant get a tinge of pink in it. Hearty grower.  Will include with multi spikes for $2 more if available.


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Milt. Lover’s Point ‘Kalapana’ w/ Pink Ecopot (Retail Only)

Milt. Lover’s Point ‘Kalapana’ 4″ pots some with double spikes Pink Ecopot included- Retail orders


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Ctsm. Frilly Doris with Black Ecopot (Retail Orders)

Catasetum Frilly Doris is a species that likes warmer weather.  Water heavily when plants form new leaves then reduce watering when pseudobulbs mature.  Leaves tend to yellow & drop when the spikes come up. These bloom during the summer months.  Be…


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Ctna. Beverly Blush with a Pink Eco-Pot – Retail Only)

Ctna. Beverly Blush with a Pink Eco-Pot – Retail Only) Beautifully grown in a 4.5 inch pot. Sets a cluster of fragrant medium size pink flowers.  Available in medium-tight bud stage.


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