Celebrating 30 years of Commercial Orchid Production

Kalapana Tropicals Inc. is a certified Hawaiian orchid nursery located on the Big Island of Hawaii since 1987. We are orchid horticulturists who specialize in growing a huge array of orchid genus and varieties for export as live, blooming orchid plants.

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Featured Orchids of the Month

Tst. Melinda Marie ‘Blue Moon”

Agx. Eva’s Blue Amazon x Zns. Cynosure ‘Bluebirds’


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Paph. Rothschildianum 1 gal pot in spike

Paph. Rothchildianum 'Mighty' x 'Red Baron'These are fabulously grown, in spike in a 1 gallon pot. This cross is pictured. Most of the crop is this hybrid along with a token few others. This is a rare find and we are very excited to offer these.


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Ons. Romance ‘Oro Rojo’

Compact growing intergeneric oncidinae with 2-3 spikes in a 4″ pot.


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Milt. Lover’s Point in a Palm Sheath Basket

Perfect for Mom’s Day! Miltonia Lover’s Point ‘Kalapana’ (2″ pot) presented in a Big Island made Palm sheath basket. $35


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Ink.Cheyenne Marie

Zglm. Rhein Harlein x Agx. Eva’s Blue Amazon


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Paph. Rothschildianum ‘Mighty’ x ‘Red Baron’

December 8, 2016 | Announcements

Don’t let this plant go by unnoticed! This is a rare opportunity to buy a large plant that is actually in spike! Limited quantity for a short amount of time. Perfect gift for Mom’s Day or Father’s Day…or simply a gift to yourself!