Eco Pots

Our custom made eco-pots are economical and earth friendly with a classic look! Colorful and durable, these pots will last anywhere from 3 to 5 years depending on usage. Learn more »

We just got in a whole new shipment of these beautiful baskets. I have featured the Hand Roll Palm Sheath Basket "Current Monthly Specials" for Valentines Day. This basket hold an orchid grown in a 2 or 3" pot and I have feautured only plants in 3" pots.....but you can create your own custom gift with your choice of plant and basket. 


 These locally  hand made and designed baskets are made here in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. Made exclusively out of invasive plants such as Strawberry Guava & Bamboo and woven together with either the Trumpet Vine or the aerial roots off of the Arrowhead plant, all of which strangle our native forest. These baskets provide a very rustic and natural display for our orchid plants. Learn more »



Featured Orchids of the Month

Catatonia Ethel's Paradise 'Kalapana'
Sweet, miniature, fragrant Cattleya
$20 in spike in a 3" pot

Oncidioda Hula Halau 'Volcano Queen'
This compact plant puts out a very branched spike with lots of flowers!
$20 in spike in a 3" pot

Dendrobium Micro Chip
Adorable, compact Latouria dendrobium