100% Recylcable Eco-Pots

Eco Pots

Our custom made eco-pots are economical and earth friendly with a classic look! Colorful and durable, these pots will last anywhere from 3 to 5 years depending on usage. Learn more »



These locally  hand made and designed baskets are made here in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. Made exclusively out of invasive plants such as Strawberry Guava & Bamboo and woven together with either the Trumpet Vine or the aerial roots off of the Arrowhead plant, all of which strangle our native forest. These baskets provide a very rustic and natural display for our orchid plants. Learn more »

Miltonia Nirav Savalia 'Brilliant'
On the right
(Milt. Pearl Ono x Saffron Surprise)
Miltonia Melvin Silverstein 'Gratitude'
On the left
(Milt. Saffron Surprise x Maui Meadow)

These beautiful Miltonias were hybridized by Ivan Komoda from Maui. We grew these from seedlings and have recently been granted permission to register them with a hybrid name. I have chosen to name them in honor of my breast  cancer surgeons. 

Dr Melvin Silverstein & Dr. Nirav Savalia

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Featured Orchids of the Month

Miltassia C.M.Fitch 'Izumi'
1-2 spikes ready to bloom on this hearty growing oncidinae.
$29 includes a green eco -pot

Zygopetalum Bluebird
Compact growing,highly fragrant Zygopetalum
$24 in spike with a green eco pot

Aeringis luteo-alba
Super cute species In spike ready to bloom
$34 with a black eco pot