100% Recylcable Eco-Pots

Eco Pots

Our custom made eco-pots are economical and earth friendly with a classic look! Colorful and durable, these pots will last anywhere from 3 to 5 years depending on usage. Learn more »



Featured for Mother's Day - 2 Flowering Miltonia Plants

with multiple spikes beautifully displayed in a Palm sheath Basket. $98 delivered 2 day FEDEX Service included.

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These locally  hand made and designed baskets are made here in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii. Made exclusively out of invasive plants such as Strawberry Guava & Bamboo and woven together with either the Trumpet Vine or the aerial roots off of the Arrowhead plant, all of which strangle our native forest. These baskets provide a very rustic and natural display for our orchid plants. Learn more »

Featured Orchids of the Month

Odcdm. Catatante 'Pacific Sunspots'
2-4 spikes -simply gorgeous!
$25 includes a brown eco -pot

Grammatocymbidium Lovely Melody
Similar to Gram. scriptum but compact growing
$35 with 1-2 spikes

Oncidioda Hula Halau 'Volcano Queen'
Sweet, compact & put out lots of flowers in a 3" pot
$16 3" pot in spike with buds forming